Thursday, 7 October 2010

It's been a while!

Blimey, things sure are busy! Found a slice of spare time to add some drawings and sketchbook entries from....,well, the last time I posted really! Right old mixture of play, kicking off with my lovely new Moleskine Watercolour mini book, YES!

Next up is the first of many Octopus I'm going to be drawing, I do love Octopus like! My goal is to draw an Octopus a week, Why?......why not!
I recently chucked away my old Apple G4, It took a great deal of courage to finally let go the olde faithful one! but it had to be done, I'm a DELL boy these days! Anyway, had this idea for an illustration when I got home. Work in progress, but you get the idea :)
Finally, some random heads from sketchbooks.
See ya soonXX